Passover 2013 at Delfina

Passover 2013


As it often does – Passover starts just as Spring gets underway. In observance of the two, we’re happy to bring you a mix of both classic and exciting dishes throughout the week of Passover.



Every night we’re offering:

+ Stoll Family Matzo Ball Soup (you know the one with walnuts inside) with Matzo provided by owner of Beauty’s Bagel Shop and Delfina alum, Blake Joffe

+ Our Edible Seder Plate* with the traditional six items prepared in not-so traditional ways.

+ Some truly delicious Kosher wine and beer. Trust us, this won’t be your Bubbe’s Kosher wine.

+ And (not necessarily Kosher but delicious) dishes like beef brisket, lamb prepared in a variety of ways and matzo toffee to name a few.

RESERVATIONS 415.552.4055

*Plate itself not edible.