Passover at Delfina

It’s Passover time again and we’re celebrating as usual: with a week’s worth of holiday-inspired menu items sprinkled-in amongst the standard bearers on our daily changing menu. This is not a Seder in any sense of the word, but rather a chance to share our own traditions-some old, some new.

Keep an eye out for Veal Tongue Dolce-Forte, Delfina’s Edible Seder Plate, Passover Ribollita, a couple of Brisket Renditions and of course Stoll Family Matzoh Ball Soup with walnut-centered matzoh balls. This year we also have the privilege of serving Beauty’s freshly baked matzoh, made in Oakland by (our former pizzeria sous chef) Blake Joffe. Please note: this is not kosher nor do we claim 100% authenticity. We can, however, promise the usual Delfina spirit, delicious food and fun.

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